Creating a successful small business in and around the Gold Coast and in deed Australia wide can be challenging, but the potential for building a strong customer base is nearly limitless! Although many businesses struggle or close down within the first years of operation, SME Business Coaches can provide the right tools for excelling and maintaining small business success.

“Did you know that Roughly 60% of small businesses close their doors within the first three years of starting? If you are past the three-year mark, then well done – you need to celebrate

As a woman entrepreneur, chances are you already know how to balance many competing priorities without getting overwhelmed, especially if you’ve been helped by a direct coach for women helping in business. The ability to prioritize business needs is incredibly important in the first few years to avoid common mistakes, and our Small Business Coaching experts can help you focus on the important stuff and let go of the stress and worry.


Gain the Competitive Edge

To gain an edge on the competition, consider additional marketing and customer outreach efforts with the help of a Small Business Consult. The reality is that businesses thrive off of positive reviews from customers, including online and via word-of-mouth. Have you heard about the Know | Like | Trust of building a strong business? You need to get your name known and out there. This can be done by using platforms such as Google Reviews, LinkedIn recommendations, testimonials on your business page as well as being referred to new clients.

“What’s Holding you back?”

To increase positive customer interactions, there are many options for low-cost messaging and communication methods with customers. Social media can be a great start, and consider additional emails, text messages and website updates to keep your audience members engaged and connected. Have you used LinkedIn? If not, why not?

“What do you have to do differently to make this happen?”

Being adaptable is one of the keys to success – this is where a business coach can help facilitate your growth. Although developing a sound business plan is important, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t flex and adapt as time goes on. Managing a Start-Up means welcoming challenges as they come. Having a business coach can distance your small business from all your competition!

What would it be like to be with the excitement and the fear at the same time?”

Also, developing a support system of fellow women entrepreneurs can be a vital step in bolstering your overall small business help and support. Our Small Business Coaching services offer many chances to connect with like-minded women in business, many of whom understand the challenges and triumphs you’re experiencing — sometimes on a daily basis! Having connections with people in similar situations is an important step in developing a sustainable business approach. You can join our Women Succeeding in Business Gold Coast Face Book Group – there are over 1,200 like minded women in business itching to connect with you.

Is this the time to begin?”

Find a work-life balance after three years!

One of the greatest factors in succeeding as a small business owner is the ability to balance its demands with other priorities like family, dating and relationships, especially as a woman in business. Fostering these connections can actually help your small business succeed, since the happier and more satisfied you are with your personal life, the more motivated you’ll be in other aspects of your life, as well. One of the most important components of direct coaching for women is helping you find and keep a balance between work, family and your overall well-being!

“What would you do differently if this problem were solved?”

Finally, if you’re struggling with managing your small business, try allocating specific time for work, even if you work from home! Many research studies suggest that multitasking is a recipe for disaster, which might seem impossible if you’re raising a family or running multiple businesses. However, rather than trying to do multiple things at once, you can actually increase productivity by focusing mindfully on one task at-a-time. This can help avoid burn-out, as well as unnecessary mistakes in your work.

Get started, and keep it going!

To learn more about these and other strategies for resilience in the initial years of your small business, schedule an appointment with Paulette McCormack Coaching today!

I know that with hard work, determination and the support of an experienced business coach (that’s me!) you can achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of. Is it time for you to take action?

I know what it’s like to struggle. I’ve been a single mother who has worked at a minimum wage job to pay the bills. When I started my human resources consulting business in 2012, I had just $60 to my name. Now that same business has an annual turn-over of six figures. Having clawed my way up from nothing, I now work to empower other women to achieve the success they’ve always dreamed of. I bring a wealth of life experience and business and educational achievement to my coaching business, including being part of Sharon Jurd’s master coaching programme.