What if I tell you that saving money is as good as earning more

Everybody wants to earn more money.

What if I tell you that saving money is as good as earning more.

If you practice even 5 of the money-saving tips listed here, it can help you save more than $500 a month. That’s equivalent to earning $6000 more per year.

Let me share some quick and easy cost-cutting tips for your home that you can do in less than an hour.

  1. Use public transportation. Save money on parking, fuel, maintenance. Try carpooling to work with a friend. With rideshare services like Uber,  DiDi, GoCatch and Ola widely available, do you really need a car? Think about it.
  2. Sell Your Car. Get full market price for the car that you can use to pay down your credit card, student loan, or any other debts. No more insurance bills to pay!
  3. Get your home, or student debt refinanced. If you can manage to get a lower interest rate with another institution and use it to negotiate with your existing lender.
  4. Consolidate your existing loans to get cash or rate benefits. Signing up for an automatic debt repayment plan can also help you save.
  5. Scan your house for unused items that can be sold for quick cash on eBay, Face Book Market place or Gumtree. An old wood rocking chair, a pretty dress that you don’t wear or maybe that fancy snow boots that don’t fit you.
  6. Plan and cook your own meals. Skip eating at restaurants. Do batch cooking and freeze a portion that can be easily reheated for dinner with a freshly made side. Leftovers are great for the lunchbox too!
  7. Skip your daily takeout coffee or muffin for a smart and cheap homemade one. You can even pack your own snacks with it. Make your own trail mix, boil an egg and pack a bag of mixed nuts for a snack.
  8. Eat in-season fruits, vegetables, and meat. Apart from being widely available, they are cheaper than produce or meat that’s not in season.
  9. Purchase non-perishables in bulk quantities. Coupons can help save even more. Do this for items like salt, sugar, shampoo, bathing soap, or body wash. Try Costco
  10. Start a small garden if you have time. Microgreens, tomatoes can be grown in small pots on the balcony or even the window sill. It gives you fresh produce for dinner and sell the excess for a neat profit!
  11. Choose generic or store brands if you can to save dollars.
  12. Downgrade to a lower mobile phone plan. Choose a fast data plan option for your home use. That way, you will need data only when you are not at home. How about disconnecting your home phone and just have a mobile.
  13. Look out for cheaper childcare options. Try working a different shift to see if you can be home during the day -one day a week. What about an Au Pair?
  14. Focus on keeping children in only one activity at a time. Enrolling them in too many activities can quickly spiral out of control. 
  15. Save money on household staff by keeping a couple of hours on the weekends for housework. Get the family involved in doing daily chores and stay fit as a bonus!
  16. Stop spending money on clothes. Keep a tight budget for this. Buy a few classic and high-quality pieces that can be mixed and matched to create different looks.
  17. Beauty can be done on a budget too. Get your hair cut, manicures, and nails done monthly instead of weekly or fortnightly.
  18. Do you have a consumable habit that is draining your purse? Excessive smoking and alcohol can be challenging for your health and your wallet.
  19. If you are renting, find a cheaper alternative to live in. Mostly sub-urban areas and places just outside city centers can be more affordable.
  20. Start a side-hustle. Do you have a skill that can be sold online? If you know how to sketch, do graphic design, write or even offer to consult in the area of your expertise, look at platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork.

I hope you enjoy using these ideas and save money to do something you like!

Do you have a wonderful idea for saving money? Do share it in the comments!

Happy Saving!

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As an entrepreneur, keeping costs under control is an important business goal.

21 Smart Ways to cut costs – As an entrepreneur, keeping costs under control is an important business goal.

In business, a dollar saved is equal to a dollar earned. Why not focus on increasing your business cash flow by cutting costs?

Here I share 21 tips to cut costs in your home and business. Some of them are simple to implement, but the positive impact on your bottom line can be immense.

  1. Renegotiate your office supplies deals with vendors or price match with large suppliers such as Amazon, Kmart
  2. Optimize your production real estate – consider leasing any unused area
  3. Reduce production costs – see if any metal, paper or cardboard leftovers can be sold and recycle the balance
  4. Save money by shopping for competitive quotes for your professional and personal insurance, then ask your current insurance company to match it
  5. Review your existing bank accounts to see if you can consolidate them to save money
  6. Planning to expand your business? Do a complete cost-benefit analysis to see how future cash flows match up if you take on too much debt. Do keep in mind that too much debt can affect your company rating, interest rates, liquidity position, and dilute your stake.
  7. Go digital – develop an email marketing plan to get in the inbox of prospective clients. Target developing a referral business to reduce your marketing costs as digital can be way cheaper than traditional marketing methods.
  8. Make networking a key component of your marketing plan. Create a personal brand to get more referrals and direct clients. Reduce the share of paid advertising gradually.
  9. Use social media effectively – Make use of time-saving social media scheduling tools like Buffer & Hootsuite to manage your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin accounts. Spend 10 minutes a week and schedule posts days or even weeks in advance. Stop paying to an agency to do it.
  10. Minimize time wasters – Make a daily to-do list. Use apps like Rescue time and Focus booster to stay on track and focus more.
  11. Do better time management – Review and redesign your workflow to see if you can do an activity in a better or faster way. Schedule all phone calls to a given time slot in a day. Similarly, check your email and social media at specific times in the day.
  12. Manage your notifications – Apps and tools are highly useful, but they can be time wasters too. Allow notifications only from useful apps and consider disabling the notifications from the ones that are not critical to your day.
  13. Pay only for the work done- Monitor and pay only for the billable hours of your employees with apps such as Toggl and Paymo.
  14. Free up your time to take on better-paying clients. Consider hiring a virtual assistant online to help you with daily administrative or routine tasks using online marketplaces such as Fiverr and Upwork.
  15. Increase business productivity by scheduling daily and weekly work for yourself and the team. If you have any free time, network to get more clients
  16. Minimize meetings or try to keep them online. Keep a schedule for it and wrap it up promptly. Taking notes earlier and being prepared can help.
  17. Use digital technology wherever you can to cut costs. Video conferencing, meetings, scheduling apps, and hiring talent online are just a few of the ideas you can implement.
  18. Use Google docs, spreadsheets for your team rather than getting Microsoft Office subscriptions. It is highly user-friendly, suitable for collaboration and helps you cut annual costs of about $100 per annum per user.
  19. Use free cloud data storage from Google drive to store your data online. Each user gets 15GB from Google, so use it effectively and save the cost of buying an expensive hard drive or other external storage devices.
  20. Consider subcontracting of smaller and repetitive tasks. It can help you save money, time, and be more productive. By taking on more clients, you can get more revenue into your company.
  21. Develop a laser focus on the quality of work. Better quality of work will bring in repeat clients, more referrals, and make your brand stronger, allowing you to charge higher prices.

Enhanced business profitability and bigger savings are just a few of the benefits that you can see almost immediately. Want to contribute your cost-saving ideas? Comment below to share it with everyone and keep saving!

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In business, a dollar saved is equal to a dollar earned. Why not focus on increasing your business cash flow by cutting costs?

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A business can be pretty challenging to run. For solopreneurs, it can be scary to even think of taking a one-week vacation.

I was in the same boat, but with time, I understood taking time off is important as well. You could take an off for that dream vacation or invest in yourself with a coaching program in Gold Coast. A week off can do you a world of good to your morale.

I completely understand your apprehensions. But you know what, there are a number of ways to make sure that the business chugs along smoothly when you are away.

Here I share some of the tricks with you so that you can book your tickets to your paradise pretty soon!

Prepare Well

Spend some time making sure that things are all set up before you leave. Give notice to your team, important clients, family, and anyone else who should know that you are away. Sending a simple email to your clients can be an effective way to keep the communication clear so that they are aware of your absence. Also mention the person to be contacted in case of an emergency and when you will be back.

Schedule Your Emails

Use the auto-scheduler to send out product or service emails for promotion, information, or sharing of news. It will look professional and keep working even if you are away.

Set Up Social Media Ads

Social media ads are a vital element of an entrepreneur’s branding. If you use LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, use social media scheduling tools to set up your posts and ads. Create the content and set it up for scheduled times so that work goes on even when you are not around.


Set up and run re-marketing ads to sell your products and services even if you are on vacation. As an entrepreneur, you certainly don’t want to miss a single visitor.  Using automation, you can grow your business without your physical presence.

Set up the Rules

If you have a team, give them added responsibilities. Make a pan and delegate specific tasks to people. Help them by giving them all the tools and information they need to do it well. Make a co-worker in charge of all approvals so that you are not buzzed for every little thing.

Clear Communication

Communication is the key element in a business. It should always be absolutely clear to clients, co-workers and vendors that who is to be contacted for what responsibility. You can even use messaging apps like Slack that are non-intrusive while they keep you informed about everything that is going on.

Use Your Smartphone & Mobile apps

Your smartphone can be your mini-laptop when you want to get some quick work done. Download any app you want on your mobile so that you can stay informed and pitch in as needed. But, make a note to check your phone only once a day and schedule all replies also at the same time. It’s a vacation, remember!

The Last Word

Now, go and get some much-deserved rest. It’s for you to enjoy and recharge yourself to come back stronger and better than before.

Time off from business can give you a good break and some me-time with yourself or with friends and family. In your downtime, you may even come up with some innovative business or personal ideas!


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Save Hours Each Week
  • Do you have takeout many times in a week? 

  • Do you want to eat healthy each day of the week, without spending tons of hours cooking?

  • Are you tired of eating the microwaved mac and cheese for the 3rd time in less than ten days?

Making meals or prepping them in advance can save you a lot of time. If you want to eat healthily but feel a time squeeze, I can completely understand. I was in the same situation but learning the art of preparing meals in advance. It helped me save dollars, eat healthily, and reduce food waste too.

Here, I share 12 tips for saving hours in the week by spending just 2 hours on the weekend. Bust stress and cook smart starting today!

Know the Why

Be clear with why you have started meal prepping? Losing weight, saving time, cutting the grocery budget, eating healthy can be a few of the many reasons. The goal will be your prime motivation. Be clear and write it in your journal or post-it on the refrigerator to motivate yourself.

Designate a Day

Many people prefer Saturday or Sunday for meal prepping. If you work during the weekend, you can choose any other day of the week that suits your schedule. Sticking to a particular day helps to make this exercise a habit.

Choose the Prep Meals

Starting small helps a lot. Pick a meal that you want to prepare for the week ahead. Maybe you can try making breakfast for the next five days. Here you could make 5 smoothie bags packed with frozen veggies, fruits with a teaspoon of almonds, chia and flax seeds. In the morning, just dump contents of one packet into the mixer, mix in milk, ice and you have healthy nutrition packed smoothie ready.

Select Recipes for the Week

Decide upon the recipes and make a list for the ingredients. Decide the servings to be made and get the exact amounts of ingredients.

Go Shopping

Take the list and go grocery shopping. Buying vegetables, meats, and fruits in bulk can save you a tidy sum of cash. As far as possible, stick to the list, but you can slip in a treat every week!

Get the Right Accessories

Get a set of stackable containers for the refrigerator. Glass or plastic is best for storing food. If you prefer plastic, buy the ones that are BPA-free.

Get the Veggies Ready

Wash and rinse the vegetables and fruits for the next 5 days. Chop or slice them and store in resealable bags that can be used when you are ready to cook. If you prefer to store them after roasting so, they are prepared for salads or soups.

Bake Early

Bake some sweet potatoes or regular potatoes and refrigerate them. They make for a quick side dish of mashed potatoes or a tossed salad.

Grate the Cheese

If you prefer grated cheese over your salads and as a seasoning in soups, grate the cheese block on Sunday. Just freeze it in a resealable bag to use during the week. This simple hack can save you a ton of time.

Cook the Meats

Using crockpots is a great way to cook your meats done. Cook the chicken or beef with a little bit of water or broth. Once ready, let it completely cool down and chop or shred it. Now freeze it up. During the week, get some meat out, add flavorful dressings, toss to make a yummy main course dish. Spicy Italian Beef with Mashed Potatoes for Monday night dinner in less than 10 minutes!

Egg power

Boil some eggs and refrigerate. They make for quick breakfasts with a smoothie or whole wheat toast. Do finish them up in a week. If peeled, finish them in a day.

Snack Packs

Make small snack packs of your favorite healthy munchies. When you go to work, pack one in your bag. Take small resealable plastic bags of sliced carrots, cucumbers, toasted nuts, whole wheat crackers, granola bars. You could also use small BPA-free plastic containers if you prefer them.

The Last Word

Cooking every day can be a challenge with work, study, children, and family priorities also on your plate. Spending 2 hours on the weekend can save you loads of unnecessary stress, reduce takeout meals, and save tons of dollars and your valuable time. Why not try out a couple of tips this weekend and check it out yourself?



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Many women today struggle to find the balance between the expectations stemming from so many roles they have including a working woman, a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter, etc

Many women today struggle to find the balance between the expectations stemming from so many roles they have including a working woman, a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter, etc. You might find yourself wondering: “Which of them to give priority to and when is the right time to put me first, when is it my turn?“ Additionally, another question arises:” How do I acquire what I need without feeling or appearing selfish? How do I best accommodate what I desire and what others want from me?” Before you enter panic mode, take a deep breath and continue reading. Like anything in life, figuring out the best way for communicating needs is a process that takes time but is worth investing in. Let us take it one step at a time.

What is preventing the change you seek?

The role of a modern woman is often overwhelming. Every so often it is easy to cope with all the responsibilities. However, what happens when it is too much to handle? Who can you rely on and ask for help? Do you feel alone in this struggle or have someone to turn to? Obtaining multiple resources within the family and outside of it makes those difficult times bearable. However, people around us are not always so perceptive to our needs or inclined to help. The question remains – how do I get help and understanding I need?

Before we dive into details of how to get help while enjoying the modern woman role, we need to address the why and why not. As humans, we tend to postpone change when we anticipate any type of negative consequences. Therefore, before diving into modifying behaviour, we need to figure out how to prevent or deal with those potential consequences. Think about it and answer for yourself: “Is there a reason why it would be wiser to put my head down and simply power through? What do you anticipate would happen if you start advocating for your needs?

Through coaching experience with clients, I have found that often what prevents change is fear of people’s reactions to it. More concretely, fear of seeming selfish and ultimately losing people, resulting in loneliness. Another reason that keeps reappearing is the fear of losing the identity of who you are if you change. Some find hard to ask for help since it jeopardizes their role of a strong, independent, modern woman. Who will I become if I require help often? How will I be perceived and how will I feel if I need to rely on others? Therefore, before making any adjustments we need to address the fears that prevent us from making the first step.

Balance is key

The metaphor of boiling the frog could be useful here – if the frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out. However, if the frog is put in warm water brought to a boil slowly, as there is no sudden change it will remain calm. When you decide to make a change, take it one step at a time and be mindful of people’s reactions. When you are gradually implementing change significant others and yourself have time to adjust to it.

In a way, we can compare this process to the process of implementing change in any company process. Direct coaching for women in business advises us to first look into what is needed and plan accordingly before implementing anything. Think to yourself, who do you turn to for what kind of help? What is it that you are lacking and want to provide for yourself? What kind of reaction can you expect, and what to do about it? What can you give in return to that person? In life, as in business, you need to turn to people that have the most chances of delivering what you want and avoid having only one resource that can do it.

Furthermore, no recipe can be applied to every relationship you maintain. What you ask for, the way you do it and how the person will react differs from relationship to relationship. Be mindful of the reactions and readjust your plan according to the challenges you meet as you go along. In the words of Rob Liano: “If you expect life to be easy, challenges will seem difficult. If you accept that challenges may occur, life will be easier.”

Finally, we need to address the other big inhibitor of change. Very good, you guessed right – it is you. The modern role of a woman offers many rewards – when you are independent, capable, and a high earner you gain affirmation from it. It is not always easy to ask for help if asking for help could jeopardize that role and validation stemming from it. Perhaps you are wondering: “How can I be strong if I demand other’s help? Am I genuinely independent if I am relying on others?” Conceivably a more practical question is “What kind of help can I accept and still remain strong and independent?” Try asking yourself too: “What price will I pay in life if I continue doing it on my own exclusively?”

Nobody fails or succeeds alone

One of the key concepts in Small Business Coaching is that you need others to rely on and work together with towards success. Even entrepreneurs recognize this and rely on other freelancers to build a complete product. Anyone who has achieved something will inform you about the influences and help they got along the way to success. For example, one of the most brilliant minds Albert Einstein relied on other people too. His first mentor Max Talmud introduced Einstein to key texts in math, science, and philosophy and guided him for 6 years. Choosing those resources carefully is as important as obtaining them. Often time we are uncertain what road to take and how to start. Coaching for success is a good first resource to consider on the path of discovering and multiplying other resources.


30 June 2019 Article Submitted byMilica Markovic


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doTerra’s InTune® Focus Blend

There is one thing that big tasks, deadlines, exams and like circumstances have in common – the need for perfect concentration. Maximum clarity for hours is just not negotiable when a deadline is looming. However, a lot of times, it’s just not easy to achieve a sustained sense of focus due to the sheer number of distractions around us. For example, it is estimated that it takes about 25 minutes to concentrate, yet office workers are interrupted every 11 minutes, while on the whole, Americans contend with 34 gigabytes of information and 100,500 words every day! It is against this backdrop that this post explores hacks, both short-term and long-term, for enhancing and sustaining a sense of focus and avoid sensory overload.


Eliminate Distractions

Duh! This sounds so counter-intuitive, but yes, we forget so many times to remove distractions or simply underrate how many distractions we have around and how much they affect our concentration. Even more, distractions may be both physical (like a television playing in the background, Facebook feed notifications on your phone and your co-worker’s smelling food) or internal (like nervousness, fatigue, fear and sadness).

Yet, eliminating distractions is not always easy today, especially if the cause is an uncooperative co-worker. To eliminate physical distractions, you can reserve a certain time and place where you will be left alone. These include the library, a private room in your house and a coffee shop. While you are working, ensure your phone is on airplane mode, your computer has all notifications disabled, and you clearly inform coworkers or family that you are not to be disturbed. To eliminate internal distractions, be well-rested before attempting to start. Also, be positive and willfully avoid disrupting feelings and thoughts.

Make Your Work Environment Comfortable

First, check if your work-space is ergonomic. Make sure your desk and chair are at a comfortable height so you don’t strain your back.  Often a simple thing such as a small cushion or a rolled-up towel to support your lower back is enough to fend off that back soreness interrupting your workflow.

Adjust the position of your computer and any other work tools you use. The optimal set-up for your desk space includes your monitor being at arm’s lengths away from your eyes and your wrists and hands on the keyboard straight at or below elbows level.

Write Out Key Important Tasks Every Hour

One of the best ways to keep your brain focused is to write out the tasks that you want to accomplish within an hour and then time yourself to complete it within the specified period. By writing out your key tasks each hour and timing yourself, you can focus on what is most important and infuse it with a sense of exigency.

Break Your Tasks Up into Smaller Goals

Instead of focusing on your big, long term goals, start setting small daily goals. By doing this, you can focus solely on what you have to do in a day, instead of the sometimes-frightening gargantuan task as a whole. Achieving small daily goals will wire your brain for success and trigger the reward mechanism, releasing dopamine when you accomplish your goal. This will help you stay more focused and increase the odds of you achieving tomorrow’s goal.

Use Essential Oils with Nootropic Properties

Nootropics are substances that increase cognitive abilities, and essential oils are have known nootropic properties which stimulate the brain almost immediately, resulting in better focus, less stress and an upbeat mood. One very good essential oil is doTerra’s InTune® Focus Blend. It is made of Patchouli Leaf, Frankincense Resin, Lime Peel, Ylang Ylang Flower essential oils, amongst others. Frankincense has been used for centuries for improving focus and distractions while boosting concentration, same with the others too. By applying it somewhere you can smell it, even at the back of your hand, it will increase your cognitive abilities and also improve your focus.


While this post has mostly concentrated on the quick things to do to ensure maximum focus short-term, there are more things that could be done long-term will aid concentration in the long run. Starting each morning with exercise is one as it is one of the most important things that you can do for your brain and your overall well-being. It does not have to be a full-blown, get ripped regime – walking every morning is an exercise too.

Another important point is to get enough sleep because nothing ruins your focus more than consistent sleep deprivation. 7 hours of high-quality sleep per night minimum is tonic for the soul. Also, eating good fats like nuts, avocados, eggs, and coconut oil in your diet will improve your cognitive function and help your brain run more smoothly. After all, the human brain is made up of roughly 60% fat.

Finally, I found that eating in the morning makes me feel drowsy and muddles my concentration, so what I do is what is popularly known as Intermittent Fasting (IF). For 16 hours out of the day, all you have to do is fast completely and then consume all of your calories in an 8-hour window. It is tremendously easy and incredibly beneficial. Outside of the benefits to your metabolism and fat loss goals, IF actually helps you to have more focus in the morning because your body is not wasting precious energy digesting foods. Instead, it can allocate all of those resources to helping you concentrate on the task at hand.

In conclusion, mastering your focus is not an easy task. It takes commitment and making efforts towards that commitment to achieve a sustained sense of focus to enable you to complete your task. Without you making these efforts, even tips can only do so much. We hope the many rewards will galvanize you to make efforts and achieve your goals.


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What can we learn if we are attuned to the seasonal change?

Seasons bring more than just the need for a wardrobe change. Each season delivers an opportunity to connect with nature and change together with it. Have you noticed how your mood and energy level differ depending on the season? Did you detect any new behaviors arising depending on the time of the year?

Plant and animal life have adapted over thousands of years to this change in weather happening throughout the year. As a species, humans have adapted to it too, however, over time, we lost the intensity of the connection. When most of the work people did was connected to agriculture and food growing we were much more mindful of the seasons. Today, as office work is unaffected by them we easily slip into the disconnect to nature’s change. When was the last time you were indeed aware that autumn or winter are starting, besides the need to use warmer clothes?
What can we learn if we are attuned to the seasonal change?

Every season bears a unique kind of beautiful with it and is precious for all life. The white coat that covers the Earth during winter makes it as beautiful as does the green one during the summer. In spring everything blossoms, and you could find yourself being moved by nature’s ability to regenerate after cold winter months. Have you ever stopped to admire the specter of colors autumn leaves showcase? Autumn is genuinely the season of movement with all the change happening (in temperature, winds, looks of, thus far, the green coat of Earth). Each one of the seasons is unique and delightful, the same as each one of us is, without exception. Nature appreciates all of the seasons as we should appreciate ourselves.

Each of the seasons lasts only for a few months and has its picks in its beauty. If we give them a chance, they can teach us to “stop and smell the roses” knowing nothing lasts forever. If you lived forever would you be so driven to do so much? Probably not. Seasons teach us we should enjoy the moment that is happening now as it is fleeting and never to repeat. You will never have a chance to live this day again!

Furthermore, seasons can offer hope to those that need it. A few months and the season is gone, right? In a way, this can be interpreted as nature’s way of telling us “this too shall pass.” If you are hurting, know it will pass (especially if you work on it). If you are happy savor every moment of it since it will also pass. If you think about it, nothing lasts forever and there a lesson and hope in appreciating that.

Change can prompt another kind of hope – hope that metamorphosis is achievable. Some changes can occur as naturally as spring comes after winter, whereas others will call for the shedding of old ways as trees leave their leaves in the autumn and give way to winter. Every one of the seasons presents an opportunity to reflect and reconstruct oneself.
Let the natural change spark your personal one

It used to be that summers were used to produce food, while the winter was a time for resting since there was not that much to do. It surely is no accident that after the season of change follows a season of calm. Winter can gift us with the feeling of peace and calm if we let it. The tranquility of winter can help reflect and ponder on the future steps in life. It can serve as a time to unwind and relax from all the movement and change we go through during the rest of the year.

Winter is a great time to dedicate to your own contemplation and allow yourself time to sit in quiet. The atmosphere of silence can help you get more attuned to your inner voice trying to whisper what you need and want. Turn inward to hear better and let your intuition direct you further. Allowing yourself to take the time to identify what negative stories you tell yourself can help you change them.

Autumn and winter demonstrate us that letting go is not necessarily a negative thing. The leaves and fruits that fall on the ground during autumn, and lie under snow during winter, will become new plant life when spring comes. Letting go can bring opportunities for something new to grow in its place. Give yourself the opportunity to declutter your mental and emotional space to make room for unknown experience in your life.


01 April  2019 – Article Submitted by Milica Markovic

Keeping Emotional Baggage Out of Your Work Space

Are you feeling blue for many days? Is your anxiety over a relationship pressing you down?

Many times, in a relationship, you may feel threatened, withdrawn, negative or even apprehensive. It could be a recent event or something that occurred in childhood, experiences can quickly turn into emotional baggage. It is important not to allow them to weigh you down.

It is like a heavy backpack that you are carrying in your mind unknowingly. All the responses, conversations and emotional hurt keeps zooming around in your head.  As a solopreneur, you already have a lot to deal with in your daily work and personal life. Carrying emotional struggles into your workplace will fire it up even more. Having been in this situation, I want to share a few tips to get your head and heart freer and lighter.

  • Pick and Choose

Are there any bits in your life that you would like to improve? If you have an unfulfilling relationship, credit card debt, health issues you want to change, change them right away. It could be the old habits that are not getting unstuck. Take your time and work through them one at a time. You’ve got this!

  • List it Up

Trello, your smartphone app, or even a pen and paper, pick up whatever you like. Organize the things you want to change and list them down in order of priority. Long term wants, daily habits or present-day challenges may end up here. Pick the one bothering you the most and get it out of the way.

  • Express Yourself

Let go. Release all the pent-up emotions bottled up within. Learn to forgive and forget. Sure, it is hard to do, but why not start practicing? One step at a time will make life easier. Doing this is vital to be at peace with yourself.

  • Make time to Play

Have a favorite hobby? Maybe you like painting, yoga or swimming. Spend time doing the activity you love. As time passes by, recollect one good thing from the experience. Once you do this, you will be able to relate a positive aspect with the experience you had. You will be able to understand yourself and relieve some of the emotional hurt.

  • Allow Time

When you want to let go of all the emotional baggage, allow yourself sufficient time. Immerse yourself in work in a focussed manner. Shut out other distractions and thoughts when you are working. Give yourself time to heal from emotional circumstances.

  • Take Solace

Spend time with yourself. If you prefer journaling and keeping notes, do it. Like taking a walk in the lap of nature, go right ahead. Spending time with yourself gives the mental clarity, that can surprise you. Go for a mini holiday, recharge yourself and be back with a bang. Have you thought about investing in a training program in gold coast? Go for it. You will come back richer in experience and thought. Your business will thank you for it.

  • Seek Intervention

Sometimes, an objective person can give you the focus you need. Speak to a mentor, coach or a friend about your thoughts. Therapists or counselors can be of great support at getting you to the right direction.

Why not pick any one of the ideas? Or even more than one to implement. Stepping back a bit can help you unload the emotional hurt that is holding you back.

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Managing time effectively as a small business owner

Managing time effectively as a small business owner

Operating a small business, especially while raising a family, can lead to feeling as if there’s not enough time in the day. Whether it’s manufacturing products, delivering services or even remembering to pick up your child from soccer practice — it can seem like the demands never end. There’s always room for improvement with simple and effective steps on how to manage time for effectively. If you have looked about me and why I now coach you will have seen that I balance a lot on my plate and successfully (most of the time) Utilizing direct coaching for women in business, and someone whose walking in the same shoes, can help you balance all of life’s competing demands, and make it look easy!

Working with someone like me can alleviate some of the pressure on your time and energy, along with a few simple steps related to scheduling and time management. That way, time — and me — are on your side and you’re in control!

After all, starting a business probably seemed unrealistic at some point in your life — and look where you are now! Having Confidence in Business not only means creating a company you’re proud of, but also matching your small business with your unique lifestyle and time constraints

When you surrender and stop resisting and stop trying to change that which you can’t change, but be in the moment, be fully open to the blessings you’ve already received and those that are yet to come and stand in that space of gratitude … and look at where you are and how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished – when you can claim THAT and SEE that, the literal vibration of your life will change. – Oprah Winfrey

As a small business owner for a number of years, you will know how tasks seem to increase all the time, even on a daily basis. Although this can be frustrating, it’s also an opportunity to break down the amount of tasks you complete each day, chunking them into manageable sizes. For instance, try writing down all your daily tasks for tomorrow, then check for repetition, or by seeing if things can be combined or eliminated from the schedule.

You can use our Speedy Priority Finder to help you determine what’s needed, what can be combined, and which tasks can be eliminated altogether.

Being a small business owner is a lot like being a freelancer: both jobs require self-discipline and a strong work ethic. Help and support can be the difference between feeling lost and getting on-track. When you don’t have a boss watching over you, it’s important to set your own goals and scheduling. It might seem silly to create a monthly calendar or daily schedule, but that’s exactly what will keep you on-track and be as productive as possible, which is what coaching for business women is all about! Everyone needs some structure throughout the day, so why not try it and see what happens? Small Business Consulting can help you build this skill and find a strategy that works for you.

You can try The Activity Priority Matrix as another tool to get everything in line.  

Not only is scheduling and prioritizing important, but also balancing your time with other family obligations and quality time with loved ones. Coaching for success isn’t just about improving your business model, but also your entire approach to family life! Multiple studies show that happy people are better workers, so finding balance means achieving our absolute potential, and guidance from small business help and support can get you there quickly!

Remember, time is on your side and you don’t have to work 12-hour days to be an accomplished and sustainable business owner. Technology can help you make the most of your valuable time, whether making phone calls from a wireless device, or investing in a tablet you can use whenever, wherever. This allows you to finish work faster and enjoy life more — which is the whole idea behind Business Coaching Gold Coast and Brisbane!

Starting a business is never easy, and you might be used to working non-stop during the week. Even though some businesses, especially seasonal ones, can require extensive hours during peak operations, it’s still be important to be able to shift gears and reassess your strategy.

After all, you’re the boss and decide the future of your Start-up Business on Gold Coast!

We have a number of tools available for small business owners that we work through. It all starts with a Discovery Session which is FREE – 30-mins to find out where you are right now and what you need to focus on. Book a session with us. You have nothing to lose.

Own Women

We can all easily become a subject to one of the biggest mistakes that can happen in a relationship – losing our own identity while blending into the identity of the pair. We enjoy being part of a union, belonging and feeling connected. However, if we are not careful, we might fall into the trap of substituting our individual desires and goals for the ones we share with our partner. This can lead not just to the feelings of emptiness, but to the destruction of the relationship. The person that chose us, made that choice for whom we were at the time and once we change drastically we might not be that choice anymore.

Therefore, to have a prosperous relationship, we need to be happy as individuals first. Our identity of being a partner to someone should not overshadow our own identity. Only if we still have individual goals, while having mutual ones, can the relationship move forward. Furthermore, nothing is as sexy as a person who is successful in what they are passionate about.

Recognizing the signs

How many times have you found yourself thinking “I’d love to go to the gym, but I would rather spend time with him?” or “Never mind, I can meet my friend next week.”? Spending time with our loved one is precious and naturally, you will want to spend as much time as you can with him. However, it is crucial that we don’t cease to do all the things we did before the relationship started. Spending time apart from the partner is necessary to keep the passion alive and have a happy relationship.

Do you fight for his or your mutual goals while postponing your own? Are you allowing your desires to be put aside while assigning priority to his? Although this is at times desirable to do in a relationship, the problem occurs when this is excessive. We need a sense of accomplishment to feel happy, hence we need something we can call our own to achieve said feeling. Not only will you feel successful, but it will also make you more attractive to your partner. We are all attracted to success.

Some of us will not detect the signs on time, but we can be certain our friends will. If your friends start calling you flaky all of a sudden or saying you changed considerably since you started the relationship, you might ask yourself if yours is a co-dependent relationship. Remaining independent to some extent in a relationship is important and makes the essence of a healthy relationship. Being self-sustained and independent can protect you from being hurt in case the relationship becomes destructive and/or ends. Additionally, you should never compromise on your core values to please the one you are with, even if it means losing them. Another partner will accept and love you the way you are. There is someone for whom you will not need to change your core values.

Reacting promptly

When you notice this pattern appearing react promptly. Cut it before it spreads! The sooner you react the easier it will be for you to implement it since it hasn’t become a habit. Additionally, acting sooner will lessen the resistance your partner will put up when you introduce a change.

Take time to envision about what you desire and generate your own goals, alongside the ones you have together. If you decide to do something on your own, there are different small business help and support for start-up businesses on the Gold Coast. If you find you need help and you don’t possess enough knowledge, you can always rely on coaching for business women. Being independent financially is important as it can promote independence in other areas of life. Coaching for success is an excellent choice if you want to be your own woman while being his partner. 

Invest time with your friends and set aside some alone time. Being apart can indeed help you grow closer. Remember the old saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” We might add that autonomy and self-reliance does too.

Be happy yourself to be happy together

Being independent instead of co-dependent means you enjoy being together, but you are good on your own too. When you are co-dependent, you find you can’t deal with problems alone, you rely on the partner for every need and you lose the sense of your own identity. Developing a healthy relationship requires effort and mindfulness of our actions. Devoting all free time to your partner can be pleasant, especially at the beginning, but it can lead to a co-dependent relationship.

A healthy relationship means two independent people, who can be happy on their own, choose to be in a relationship and spend time together. This kind of independence allows both to grow separately and as a pair. Being able to depend on self, doesn’t imply not relying on the other. Being able to support oneself means choosing when to rely on your partner, but being able to support yourself when he is unavailable. Having this sense of autonomy and confidence reflects on the relationship too. Two happy independent people develop an exponentially happy relationship.

11 March 2019 – Article Submitted by Milica Markovic


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