Keeping Emotional Baggage Out of Your Work Space

Are you feeling blue for many days? Is your anxiety over a relationship pressing you down?

Many times, in a relationship, you may feel threatened, withdrawn, negative or even apprehensive. It could be a recent event or something that occurred in childhood, experiences can quickly turn into emotional baggage. It is important not to allow them to weigh you down.

It is like a heavy backpack that you are carrying in your mind unknowingly. All the responses, conversations and emotional hurt keeps zooming around in your head.  As a solopreneur, you already have a lot to deal with in your daily work and personal life. Carrying emotional struggles into your workplace will fire it up even more. Having been in this situation, I want to share a few tips to get your head and heart freer and lighter.

  • Pick and Choose

Are there any bits in your life that you would like to improve? If you have an unfulfilling relationship, credit card debt, health issues you want to change, change them right away. It could be the old habits that are not getting unstuck. Take your time and work through them one at a time. You’ve got this!

  • List it Up

Trello, your smartphone app, or even a pen and paper, pick up whatever you like. Organize the things you want to change and list them down in order of priority. Long term wants, daily habits or present-day challenges may end up here. Pick the one bothering you the most and get it out of the way.

  • Express Yourself

Let go. Release all the pent-up emotions bottled up within. Learn to forgive and forget. Sure, it is hard to do, but why not start practicing? One step at a time will make life easier. Doing this is vital to be at peace with yourself.

  • Make time to Play

Have a favorite hobby? Maybe you like painting, yoga or swimming. Spend time doing the activity you love. As time passes by, recollect one good thing from the experience. Once you do this, you will be able to relate a positive aspect with the experience you had. You will be able to understand yourself and relieve some of the emotional hurt.

  • Allow Time

When you want to let go of all the emotional baggage, allow yourself sufficient time. Immerse yourself in work in a focussed manner. Shut out other distractions and thoughts when you are working. Give yourself time to heal from emotional circumstances.

  • Take Solace

Spend time with yourself. If you prefer journaling and keeping notes, do it. Like taking a walk in the lap of nature, go right ahead. Spending time with yourself gives the mental clarity, that can surprise you. Go for a mini holiday, recharge yourself and be back with a bang. Have you thought about investing in a training program in gold coast? Go for it. You will come back richer in experience and thought. Your business will thank you for it.

  • Seek Intervention

Sometimes, an objective person can give you the focus you need. Speak to a mentor, coach or a friend about your thoughts. Therapists or counselors can be of great support at getting you to the right direction.

Why not pick any one of the ideas? Or even more than one to implement. Stepping back a bit can help you unload the emotional hurt that is holding you back.

If you liked this post, do share it with your friends. I hope 2019 turns out to be exciting and empowering for you.



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Managing time effectively as a small business owner

Managing time effectively as a small business owner

Operating a small business, especially while raising a family, can lead to feeling as if there’s not enough time in the day. Whether it’s manufacturing products, delivering services or even remembering to pick up your child from soccer practice — it can seem like the demands never end. There’s always room for improvement with simple and effective steps on how to manage time for effectively. If you have looked about me and why I now coach you will have seen that I balance a lot on my plate and successfully (most of the time) Utilizing direct coaching for women in business, and someone whose walking in the same shoes, can help you balance all of life’s competing demands, and make it look easy!

Working with someone like me can alleviate some of the pressure on your time and energy, along with a few simple steps related to scheduling and time management. That way, time — and me — are on your side and you’re in control!

After all, starting a business probably seemed unrealistic at some point in your life — and look where you are now! Having Confidence in Business not only means creating a company you’re proud of, but also matching your small business with your unique lifestyle and time constraints

When you surrender and stop resisting and stop trying to change that which you can’t change, but be in the moment, be fully open to the blessings you’ve already received and those that are yet to come and stand in that space of gratitude … and look at where you are and how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished – when you can claim THAT and SEE that, the literal vibration of your life will change. – Oprah Winfrey

As a small business owner for a number of years, you will know how tasks seem to increase all the time, even on a daily basis. Although this can be frustrating, it’s also an opportunity to break down the amount of tasks you complete each day, chunking them into manageable sizes. For instance, try writing down all your daily tasks for tomorrow, then check for repetition, or by seeing if things can be combined or eliminated from the schedule.

You can use our Speedy Priority Finder to help you determine what’s needed, what can be combined, and which tasks can be eliminated altogether.

Being a small business owner is a lot like being a freelancer: both jobs require self-discipline and a strong work ethic. Help and support can be the difference between feeling lost and getting on-track. When you don’t have a boss watching over you, it’s important to set your own goals and scheduling. It might seem silly to create a monthly calendar or daily schedule, but that’s exactly what will keep you on-track and be as productive as possible, which is what coaching for business women is all about! Everyone needs some structure throughout the day, so why not try it and see what happens? Small Business Consulting can help you build this skill and find a strategy that works for you.

You can try The Activity Priority Matrix as another tool to get everything in line.  

Not only is scheduling and prioritizing important, but also balancing your time with other family obligations and quality time with loved ones. Coaching for success isn’t just about improving your business model, but also your entire approach to family life! Multiple studies show that happy people are better workers, so finding balance means achieving our absolute potential, and guidance from small business help and support can get you there quickly!

Remember, time is on your side and you don’t have to work 12-hour days to be an accomplished and sustainable business owner. Technology can help you make the most of your valuable time, whether making phone calls from a wireless device, or investing in a tablet you can use whenever, wherever. This allows you to finish work faster and enjoy life more — which is the whole idea behind Business Coaching Gold Coast and Brisbane!

Starting a business is never easy, and you might be used to working non-stop during the week. Even though some businesses, especially seasonal ones, can require extensive hours during peak operations, it’s still be important to be able to shift gears and reassess your strategy.

After all, you’re the boss and decide the future of your Start-up Business on Gold Coast!

We have a number of tools available for small business owners that we work through. It all starts with a Discovery Session which is FREE – 30-mins to find out where you are right now and what you need to focus on. Book a session with us. You have nothing to lose.

Own Women

We can all easily become a subject to one of the biggest mistakes that can happen in a relationship – losing our own identity while blending into the identity of the pair. We enjoy being part of a union, belonging and feeling connected. However, if we are not careful, we might fall into the trap of substituting our individual desires and goals for the ones we share with our partner. This can lead not just to the feelings of emptiness, but to the destruction of the relationship. The person that chose us, made that choice for whom we were at the time and once we change drastically we might not be that choice anymore.

Therefore, to have a prosperous relationship, we need to be happy as individuals first. Our identity of being a partner to someone should not overshadow our own identity. Only if we still have individual goals, while having mutual ones, can the relationship move forward. Furthermore, nothing is as sexy as a person who is successful in what they are passionate about.

Recognizing the signs

How many times have you found yourself thinking “I’d love to go to the gym, but I would rather spend time with him?” or “Never mind, I can meet my friend next week.”? Spending time with our loved one is precious and naturally, you will want to spend as much time as you can with him. However, it is crucial that we don’t cease to do all the things we did before the relationship started. Spending time apart from the partner is necessary to keep the passion alive and have a happy relationship.

Do you fight for his or your mutual goals while postponing your own? Are you allowing your desires to be put aside while assigning priority to his? Although this is at times desirable to do in a relationship, the problem occurs when this is excessive. We need a sense of accomplishment to feel happy, hence we need something we can call our own to achieve said feeling. Not only will you feel successful, but it will also make you more attractive to your partner. We are all attracted to success.

Some of us will not detect the signs on time, but we can be certain our friends will. If your friends start calling you flaky all of a sudden or saying you changed considerably since you started the relationship, you might ask yourself if yours is a co-dependent relationship. Remaining independent to some extent in a relationship is important and makes the essence of a healthy relationship. Being self-sustained and independent can protect you from being hurt in case the relationship becomes destructive and/or ends. Additionally, you should never compromise on your core values to please the one you are with, even if it means losing them. Another partner will accept and love you the way you are. There is someone for whom you will not need to change your core values.

Reacting promptly

When you notice this pattern appearing react promptly. Cut it before it spreads! The sooner you react the easier it will be for you to implement it since it hasn’t become a habit. Additionally, acting sooner will lessen the resistance your partner will put up when you introduce a change.

Take time to envision about what you desire and generate your own goals, alongside the ones you have together. If you decide to do something on your own, there are different small business help and support for start-up businesses on the Gold Coast. If you find you need help and you don’t possess enough knowledge, you can always rely on coaching for business women. Being independent financially is important as it can promote independence in other areas of life. Coaching for success is an excellent choice if you want to be your own woman while being his partner. 

Invest time with your friends and set aside some alone time. Being apart can indeed help you grow closer. Remember the old saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” We might add that autonomy and self-reliance does too.

Be happy yourself to be happy together

Being independent instead of co-dependent means you enjoy being together, but you are good on your own too. When you are co-dependent, you find you can’t deal with problems alone, you rely on the partner for every need and you lose the sense of your own identity. Developing a healthy relationship requires effort and mindfulness of our actions. Devoting all free time to your partner can be pleasant, especially at the beginning, but it can lead to a co-dependent relationship.

A healthy relationship means two independent people, who can be happy on their own, choose to be in a relationship and spend time together. This kind of independence allows both to grow separately and as a pair. Being able to depend on self, doesn’t imply not relying on the other. Being able to support oneself means choosing when to rely on your partner, but being able to support yourself when he is unavailable. Having this sense of autonomy and confidence reflects on the relationship too. Two happy independent people develop an exponentially happy relationship.

11 March 2019 – Article Submitted by Milica Markovic


Did the article bring any feelings up with you?

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With February barely over, are you having any post-valentine blues?

If you are, then I am going to share some straightforward and actionable tips to get you in the mood for self-love.

As a female solopreneur, you sure have a lot to deal with on the business front. Keeping your personal and business lives separate will greatly help in letting you enjoy the best of both worlds! I am going to share some fabulous ideas that will make you fall in love with yourself and your business, all over again!

Let’s get ready to keep a marked line between your personal and professional life, so you can enjoy both but not at the cost of the other.

  • Switch Roles When You Want

In business, you are the boss lady. Stay professional whenever you are handling major business issues. Stay focused and don’t slip into a personal conversation or situation. At home, be the role you are playing, mother, partner, daughter to the fullest. Avoid taking on any business-related work or activity. Effortlessly slip into the state of mind as per the place.

  • Disengage from Technology

Your phone is an integral part of your life. But it is equally important to do some activities which don’t involve its use or presence. When you are at work, you can put your phone on silent to avoid personal calls. Similarly, at home, prefer to disconnect from official work to give full time to yourself, the things and people you love. Read that book you wanted to or go for a swim.

  • Be Accepting of Work

If you are feeling down, remember that your business is literally your baby. Will you just push your labor of love away? Absolutely not. Spend some time off and come back recharged to take on work. You can even choose to take it slow and then fully catch on. Do note that avoiding work will not make anything better.

  • Communicate openly.

Sometimes, you just feel like avoiding all contact with the world. You may feel at your lowest point in life. I remember something that I read somewhere- ‘If you are down, there is only one place you can go, and that is UP!’ Simply put, times will change and to do that, you have to be back at your usual self. Get out and speak to your team members and clients. Being transparent in communication will take you a long way.

  • Boost it UP

Working everyday can make anyone feel dull and listless. To keep your self-love and energy levels up, pick your favorite activity or hobby. It could be anything that you are driven to do or you simply love doing. Just choose the one that gets your heart rate up to boost your energy levels and reduce your stress.

  • Me Time

Recharge yourself. You need to make time for yourself on a daily basis. Spend time reading, exercising, meeting a friend, going for a walk, a date night or spend time with family, whatever suits you.  Being with your loved ones and yourself will help you spread love and positivity all around. And the best part will be how you will make that me-time possible by completing your business tasks as per schedule.

  • App Your Way

Today you have an app for everything. Pick one app to help you meditate. Apart from calming your mind, you can even schedule meditation sessions at any time of the day you want. Choose your favorite one; your mind and body will thank you for it.

  • Embrace Newness

There may be a ton of ideas you want to get on with, starting from getting that new office design, speaking to your existing client for referrals or getting into a small business coaching course, embrace them. Starting newer activities and sticking through them can help you learn new things and allow you to rediscover yourself.

  • Avoid Multitasking

Well, today everyone is a multitasker, then why am I advising you otherwise? Though multitasking can be very effective at times, sometimes it is better to be focused. If you are wanting to keep your business and personal life separate, concentrating on one thing at a time will help. Texting your friend during a business meeting or answering business emails while having dinner is something you should completely avoid.

Well, I hope that these ideas empower you and allow you time for some self-love. Apart from banishing blues, they will help you separate personal and business time. Enjoy your life while building and growing your business.  

I would love to hear your ideas on your self-love journey.


Let 2019 be the best year ever! Cheers!!


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How to know you are ready to date after divorce

Divorce is rough and challenging, regardless of whether you were the one who ended it or it was your partner. Finding yourself on your own again, dealing with the break-up pain, making co-parenting plans, and eventually starting to date again can cause you to feel anxious and stare at the ceiling awake at night. Dating will most likely not be a priority right after the divorce, but once you do decide to try dating again, there are some things that could help you know you are ready for it.

You can accept your ex had some good qualities

There was a reason you chose your ex-partner in the first place, even though some of those elements might have changed over time. Why is it substantial to acknowledge this? Most likely the reasons you choose him are, nonetheless, relevant criteria on which you base the choice of your partner in general. The good qualities he possessed were indispensable to you to start with, hence you will likely want your new partner to possess them too. Therefore, choosing the exact opposite of your ex just to get as far away from as possible, is not a good idea. Ideally, you are able to recognize the desirable qualities about him and seek someone that is similar to him in that regard, but with the other benefits missing the first time.

You comprehend what you can and cannot compromise on

Do you know by now what are the absolute top 5 qualities your partner needs to possess if you are to stay with them? Do you identify some values and qualities you’d appreciate them to have, but can tolerate if he doesn’t have them? Coaching for success directs us to first understand our needs and things we wouldn’t settle for. Comprehending what is your absolute must and what you can compromise on will give clarity to your partner, but most importantly to yourself.

You don’t require a man to validate you

To be fair, we are social beings and need affirmation of other people. However, it is crucial we find our own name on the list of people who make us feel worthy. In coaching for success, one of the priorities is to be able to rely on yourself for affirmations. What is it that you like about yourself, what makes you exceptional and noteworthy? Being your own validating agent will be your shield against rejections and negative feedback. Invest in the relationship with yourself first and find happiness in time you spend alone. Any new partner that enters your life will merely add to that happiness, but shouldn’t be the sole or key reason for it.

Acknowledge what you desire to achieve with dating

Before you go on a first date, think about what is your goal. Coaching for business women instructs us to first set a goal that will drive our efforts. Would dating be a way of acquiring a partner to share life with, simply have fun, meet new people, etc.? Knowing what you want to achieve will guide your behaviour and support you in achieving exactly that. You might not know right now, and you want to explore exactly what you would like to gain from dating? That is alright too, as long as you are straightforward to your date but most importantly honest with yourself. If you are looking for a long-term commitment and your date is seeking something casual, you stand to get hurt.

Dating after divorce can be intimidating, to say the least. Putting yourself out there can be frightening, but it can be rewarding too. To make sure you get the most from it, be ready before you go on the first date. In conclusion, to check if you are prepared, you can ask yourself:

  • What were some good qualities my ex had, and what was missing?
  • What kind of qualities does my new partner need possessing, and what would I like him to have, but I can tolerate if he doesn’t?
  • What do I love about myself? Why am I worthy and exceptional regardless of whether others recognize it?
  • What am I seeking for from dating?

Most of all “Be Kind to yourself” – There is no right or wrong in the journey you take and your journey will be different that another. When we go on a journey of self-discovery we can often re-invent ourselves. Maybe learn meditation and mindfulness. Separating makes it sound like half of you has gone when in reality you are about to discover a new you – ENJOY!!.


“Close some doors. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but they no longer lead somewhere.”


10 February 2019 – Article Submitted by Milica Markovic