As an entrepreneur, keeping costs under control is an important business goal.

21 Smart Ways to cut costs – As an entrepreneur, keeping costs under control is an important business goal.

In business, a dollar saved is equal to a dollar earned. Why not focus on increasing your business cash flow by cutting costs?

Here I share 21 tips to cut costs in your home and business. Some of them are simple to implement, but the positive impact on your bottom line can be immense.

  1. Renegotiate your office supplies deals with vendors or price match with large suppliers such as Amazon, Kmart
  2. Optimize your production real estate – consider leasing any unused area
  3. Reduce production costs – see if any metal, paper or cardboard leftovers can be sold and recycle the balance
  4. Save money by shopping for competitive quotes for your professional and personal insurance, then ask your current insurance company to match it
  5. Review your existing bank accounts to see if you can consolidate them to save money
  6. Planning to expand your business? Do a complete cost-benefit analysis to see how future cash flows match up if you take on too much debt. Do keep in mind that too much debt can affect your company rating, interest rates, liquidity position, and dilute your stake.
  7. Go digital – develop an email marketing plan to get in the inbox of prospective clients. Target developing a referral business to reduce your marketing costs as digital can be way cheaper than traditional marketing methods.
  8. Make networking a key component of your marketing plan. Create a personal brand to get more referrals and direct clients. Reduce the share of paid advertising gradually.
  9. Use social media effectively – Make use of time-saving social media scheduling tools like Buffer & Hootsuite to manage your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin accounts. Spend 10 minutes a week and schedule posts days or even weeks in advance. Stop paying to an agency to do it.
  10. Minimize time wasters – Make a daily to-do list. Use apps like Rescue time and Focus booster to stay on track and focus more.
  11. Do better time management – Review and redesign your workflow to see if you can do an activity in a better or faster way. Schedule all phone calls to a given time slot in a day. Similarly, check your email and social media at specific times in the day.
  12. Manage your notifications – Apps and tools are highly useful, but they can be time wasters too. Allow notifications only from useful apps and consider disabling the notifications from the ones that are not critical to your day.
  13. Pay only for the work done- Monitor and pay only for the billable hours of your employees with apps such as Toggl and Paymo.
  14. Free up your time to take on better-paying clients. Consider hiring a virtual assistant online to help you with daily administrative or routine tasks using online marketplaces such as Fiverr and Upwork.
  15. Increase business productivity by scheduling daily and weekly work for yourself and the team. If you have any free time, network to get more clients
  16. Minimize meetings or try to keep them online. Keep a schedule for it and wrap it up promptly. Taking notes earlier and being prepared can help.
  17. Use digital technology wherever you can to cut costs. Video conferencing, meetings, scheduling apps, and hiring talent online are just a few of the ideas you can implement.
  18. Use Google docs, spreadsheets for your team rather than getting Microsoft Office subscriptions. It is highly user-friendly, suitable for collaboration and helps you cut annual costs of about $100 per annum per user.
  19. Use free cloud data storage from Google drive to store your data online. Each user gets 15GB from Google, so use it effectively and save the cost of buying an expensive hard drive or other external storage devices.
  20. Consider subcontracting of smaller and repetitive tasks. It can help you save money, time, and be more productive. By taking on more clients, you can get more revenue into your company.
  21. Develop a laser focus on the quality of work. Better quality of work will bring in repeat clients, more referrals, and make your brand stronger, allowing you to charge higher prices.

Enhanced business profitability and bigger savings are just a few of the benefits that you can see almost immediately. Want to contribute your cost-saving ideas? Comment below to share it with everyone and keep saving!

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In business, a dollar saved is equal to a dollar earned. Why not focus on increasing your business cash flow by cutting costs?

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A business can be pretty challenging to run. For solopreneurs, it can be scary to even think of taking a one-week vacation.

I was in the same boat, but with time, I understood taking time off is important as well. You could take an off for that dream vacation or invest in yourself with a coaching program in Gold Coast. A week off can do you a world of good to your morale.

I completely understand your apprehensions. But you know what, there are a number of ways to make sure that the business chugs along smoothly when you are away.

Here I share some of the tricks with you so that you can book your tickets to your paradise pretty soon!

Prepare Well

Spend some time making sure that things are all set up before you leave. Give notice to your team, important clients, family, and anyone else who should know that you are away. Sending a simple email to your clients can be an effective way to keep the communication clear so that they are aware of your absence. Also mention the person to be contacted in case of an emergency and when you will be back.

Schedule Your Emails

Use the auto-scheduler to send out product or service emails for promotion, information, or sharing of news. It will look professional and keep working even if you are away.

Set Up Social Media Ads

Social media ads are a vital element of an entrepreneur’s branding. If you use LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, use social media scheduling tools to set up your posts and ads. Create the content and set it up for scheduled times so that work goes on even when you are not around.


Set up and run re-marketing ads to sell your products and services even if you are on vacation. As an entrepreneur, you certainly don’t want to miss a single visitor.  Using automation, you can grow your business without your physical presence.

Set up the Rules

If you have a team, give them added responsibilities. Make a pan and delegate specific tasks to people. Help them by giving them all the tools and information they need to do it well. Make a co-worker in charge of all approvals so that you are not buzzed for every little thing.

Clear Communication

Communication is the key element in a business. It should always be absolutely clear to clients, co-workers and vendors that who is to be contacted for what responsibility. You can even use messaging apps like Slack that are non-intrusive while they keep you informed about everything that is going on.

Use Your Smartphone & Mobile apps

Your smartphone can be your mini-laptop when you want to get some quick work done. Download any app you want on your mobile so that you can stay informed and pitch in as needed. But, make a note to check your phone only once a day and schedule all replies also at the same time. It’s a vacation, remember!

The Last Word

Now, go and get some much-deserved rest. It’s for you to enjoy and recharge yourself to come back stronger and better than before.

Time off from business can give you a good break and some me-time with yourself or with friends and family. In your downtime, you may even come up with some innovative business or personal ideas!


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Many women today struggle to find the balance between the expectations stemming from so many roles they have including a working woman, a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter, etc

Many women today struggle to find the balance between the expectations stemming from so many roles they have including a working woman, a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter, etc. You might find yourself wondering: “Which of them to give priority to and when is the right time to put me first, when is it my turn?“ Additionally, another question arises:” How do I acquire what I need without feeling or appearing selfish? How do I best accommodate what I desire and what others want from me?” Before you enter panic mode, take a deep breath and continue reading. Like anything in life, figuring out the best way for communicating needs is a process that takes time but is worth investing in. Let us take it one step at a time.

What is preventing the change you seek?

The role of a modern woman is often overwhelming. Every so often it is easy to cope with all the responsibilities. However, what happens when it is too much to handle? Who can you rely on and ask for help? Do you feel alone in this struggle or have someone to turn to? Obtaining multiple resources within the family and outside of it makes those difficult times bearable. However, people around us are not always so perceptive to our needs or inclined to help. The question remains – how do I get help and understanding I need?

Before we dive into details of how to get help while enjoying the modern woman role, we need to address the why and why not. As humans, we tend to postpone change when we anticipate any type of negative consequences. Therefore, before diving into modifying behaviour, we need to figure out how to prevent or deal with those potential consequences. Think about it and answer for yourself: “Is there a reason why it would be wiser to put my head down and simply power through? What do you anticipate would happen if you start advocating for your needs?

Through coaching experience with clients, I have found that often what prevents change is fear of people’s reactions to it. More concretely, fear of seeming selfish and ultimately losing people, resulting in loneliness. Another reason that keeps reappearing is the fear of losing the identity of who you are if you change. Some find hard to ask for help since it jeopardizes their role of a strong, independent, modern woman. Who will I become if I require help often? How will I be perceived and how will I feel if I need to rely on others? Therefore, before making any adjustments we need to address the fears that prevent us from making the first step.

Balance is key

The metaphor of boiling the frog could be useful here – if the frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out. However, if the frog is put in warm water brought to a boil slowly, as there is no sudden change it will remain calm. When you decide to make a change, take it one step at a time and be mindful of people’s reactions. When you are gradually implementing change significant others and yourself have time to adjust to it.

In a way, we can compare this process to the process of implementing change in any company process. Direct coaching for women in business advises us to first look into what is needed and plan accordingly before implementing anything. Think to yourself, who do you turn to for what kind of help? What is it that you are lacking and want to provide for yourself? What kind of reaction can you expect, and what to do about it? What can you give in return to that person? In life, as in business, you need to turn to people that have the most chances of delivering what you want and avoid having only one resource that can do it.

Furthermore, no recipe can be applied to every relationship you maintain. What you ask for, the way you do it and how the person will react differs from relationship to relationship. Be mindful of the reactions and readjust your plan according to the challenges you meet as you go along. In the words of Rob Liano: “If you expect life to be easy, challenges will seem difficult. If you accept that challenges may occur, life will be easier.”

Finally, we need to address the other big inhibitor of change. Very good, you guessed right – it is you. The modern role of a woman offers many rewards – when you are independent, capable, and a high earner you gain affirmation from it. It is not always easy to ask for help if asking for help could jeopardize that role and validation stemming from it. Perhaps you are wondering: “How can I be strong if I demand other’s help? Am I genuinely independent if I am relying on others?” Conceivably a more practical question is “What kind of help can I accept and still remain strong and independent?” Try asking yourself too: “What price will I pay in life if I continue doing it on my own exclusively?”

Nobody fails or succeeds alone

One of the key concepts in Small Business Coaching is that you need others to rely on and work together with towards success. Even entrepreneurs recognize this and rely on other freelancers to build a complete product. Anyone who has achieved something will inform you about the influences and help they got along the way to success. For example, one of the most brilliant minds Albert Einstein relied on other people too. His first mentor Max Talmud introduced Einstein to key texts in math, science, and philosophy and guided him for 6 years. Choosing those resources carefully is as important as obtaining them. Often time we are uncertain what road to take and how to start. Coaching for success is a good first resource to consider on the path of discovering and multiplying other resources.


30 June 2019 Article Submitted byMilica Markovic


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There was a time when work and family time had clear boundaries

There was a time when work and family time had clear boundaries. Nowadays, that is no longer the case and one must be conscious and very careful in trying to achieve the work-life balance to get the best of two worlds. This line has been further blurred by the use of technology that makes people available even after hours and consumes the time spent relaxing.

On a more cheerful note – even though it might be hard, it doesnt mean it is impossible to achieve work-life balance. However, what this balance will mean for each of us will be different, as our needs and responsibilities differ too. The ideal state of harmony and the road to achieving it will vary, as does what we are struggling with right now. Thats why the solution needs to be tailored and why we will propose later a small exercise designed to help you move closer to your individual desired state.

Gains and benefits of achieving the balance

The appropriate condition of balance and the avenues of attaining it will differ from person to person, but the benefits of achieving harmony are significant to all people employed. When employees experience a sense of command of their own lives and time division between work and rest they are more engaged and energetic in both.

Being in control and knowing there is designated time for each helps people focus on work while at work and deal with family matters outside of it. Not merely do they enjoy family time more, but they are equally able to build better relationships with coworkers and management. Fostering better relationships reduces the number of conflicts and increases productivity. A company is only as great as its people and studies prove that employees that have an optimal work-life balance do a better job. Therefore, companies that encourage this balance will yield good results in productivity, employee retention rates and become more enticing attracting the most outstanding talent out there.

Managing the balance will have an extensive effect on health and wellbeing in general. Being tired and overworked takes a great toll. Thinking process becomes clouded and productivity declines. Over more, tiredness can lead to dangerous mistakes at work and in private life. Stress from working too hard and not tending to yourself has negative effects on the immune system. In turn, this has a negative impact on any medical condition and overall health.

Bear in mind, dedicating the majority of time to work leads to more work. By showing you are responsible and get the work done, you invite people to rely on you in the future again. This leads to less and less time devoted to family and friends. Time remains the resource we need to be most careful about spending as it is not limitless and you cant get it back. Think about what you spend it on before you run out of it. In the words of Steve Blank: When you’re gone would you rather have your gravestone say, ‘He never missed a meeting.’ or one that said, He was a great father.

Moving closer to the Ideal

Before we attempt to change something we need to comprehend where we are currently and what we would desire to avoid. Therefore, the following technique could help in gaining clarity and taking the first steps towards the ideal state of work-rest.

You need very little material – a pen and a paper. If you dont have it handy, perhaps your imagination can do. Start by drawing a straight link across the paper in a letter position. On the left end of the line, you should write a phrase that indicates the undesired state of work-life balance and on the left the desired state. Ask yourself, what would like it to be, and what would I dislike in terms of this balance. For example, one could write living to work on the left, unwanted, and working to live on the other, desirable, end. Find your own wording and note it down.

Next, think of this line as a continuum going from the state you dont want to be in up to the one you wish you had. This step is about positioning yourself on this continuum NOW, in 2 and 5 years, on your worst day and in the IDEAL state. Take the time you require to figure out where to mark each of these on the line. An additional step could be trying to position people close to you on this line, to the best of your knowledge. For all you know, some of them will be an explicit model of what you like to avoid in life and what you want to aim for. If you discover you know someone who has achieved what you desire, they can be a resource and you could reach out for guidance.

Furthermore, we want to move from understanding to applying. Once you have them all noted, think of two small things you could do that would get you closer from where you are NOW to the IDEAL. Remember the tale of the rabbit and turtle race? Even the most modest steps bringing you closer to the goal, as long as you are persistent and dont give up. Conceivably that modest step for you would be saying NO to additional work or to staying over hours? Would you need learning how to delegate better to decrease the workload you are handling right now? Would it be making a list of priority items that prompt your response after hours and those that can wait until you come to the office? Could you need to communicate more clearly when you are available for work and set clear expectations when they can (not) reach you? Whatever these two steps are, they need to make sense to you and be applicable to your unique situation.

Ultimately, it is possible you opt for Coaching for success and find a great Gold Coast Business Coach to assist you in this endeavor. A coach could assist in developing steps that are outside of your comfort zone but still not terrifying. What you decide to undertake at this stage should be challenging enough, but not paralyzing you with fear. Otherwise, you will simply go back to the behaviors you are comfortable with which lead you to predictable outcomes. However, if you continue going down the same familiar road, you will inevitably end up on the same place in the end. Change is about designing the following modest step and estimating the consequences before you take it.

Slow and steady is the key

Remember, creating a healthy work-life balance is a continuous process. Re-examine your priorities from time to time, draw the line again and if needed find assistance to support you staying on course. Work-life balance does not imply an equal division of time. Figuring out an optimal number of hours to allocate to each requires an investment of time and energy. Successively, life will reward you with feelings of fulfillment, meaning, and calmness. Being attentive and investing consistently will yield good results and ultimately achieve the harmony you need to make the most of the two worlds.

30 April 2019 Article Submitted byMilica Markovic


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With February barely over, are you having any post-valentine blues?

If you are, then I am going to share some straightforward and actionable tips to get you in the mood for self-love.

As a female solopreneur, you sure have a lot to deal with on the business front. Keeping your personal and business lives separate will greatly help in letting you enjoy the best of both worlds! I am going to share some fabulous ideas that will make you fall in love with yourself and your business, all over again!

Let’s get ready to keep a marked line between your personal and professional life, so you can enjoy both but not at the cost of the other.

  • Switch Roles When You Want

In business, you are the boss lady. Stay professional whenever you are handling major business issues. Stay focused and don’t slip into a personal conversation or situation. At home, be the role you are playing, mother, partner, daughter to the fullest. Avoid taking on any business-related work or activity. Effortlessly slip into the state of mind as per the place.

  • Disengage from Technology

Your phone is an integral part of your life. But it is equally important to do some activities which don’t involve its use or presence. When you are at work, you can put your phone on silent to avoid personal calls. Similarly, at home, prefer to disconnect from official work to give full time to yourself, the things and people you love. Read that book you wanted to or go for a swim.

  • Be Accepting of Work

If you are feeling down, remember that your business is literally your baby. Will you just push your labor of love away? Absolutely not. Spend some time off and come back recharged to take on work. You can even choose to take it slow and then fully catch on. Do note that avoiding work will not make anything better.

  • Communicate openly.

Sometimes, you just feel like avoiding all contact with the world. You may feel at your lowest point in life. I remember something that I read somewhere- ‘If you are down, there is only one place you can go, and that is UP!’ Simply put, times will change and to do that, you have to be back at your usual self. Get out and speak to your team members and clients. Being transparent in communication will take you a long way.

  • Boost it UP

Working everyday can make anyone feel dull and listless. To keep your self-love and energy levels up, pick your favorite activity or hobby. It could be anything that you are driven to do or you simply love doing. Just choose the one that gets your heart rate up to boost your energy levels and reduce your stress.

  • Me Time

Recharge yourself. You need to make time for yourself on a daily basis. Spend time reading, exercising, meeting a friend, going for a walk, a date night or spend time with family, whatever suits you.  Being with your loved ones and yourself will help you spread love and positivity all around. And the best part will be how you will make that me-time possible by completing your business tasks as per schedule.

  • App Your Way

Today you have an app for everything. Pick one app to help you meditate. Apart from calming your mind, you can even schedule meditation sessions at any time of the day you want. Choose your favorite one; your mind and body will thank you for it.

  • Embrace Newness

There may be a ton of ideas you want to get on with, starting from getting that new office design, speaking to your existing client for referrals or getting into a small business coaching course, embrace them. Starting newer activities and sticking through them can help you learn new things and allow you to rediscover yourself.

  • Avoid Multitasking

Well, today everyone is a multitasker, then why am I advising you otherwise? Though multitasking can be very effective at times, sometimes it is better to be focused. If you are wanting to keep your business and personal life separate, concentrating on one thing at a time will help. Texting your friend during a business meeting or answering business emails while having dinner is something you should completely avoid.

Well, I hope that these ideas empower you and allow you time for some self-love. Apart from banishing blues, they will help you separate personal and business time. Enjoy your life while building and growing your business.  

I would love to hear your ideas on your self-love journey.


Let 2019 be the best year ever! Cheers!!


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Creating a successful small business in and around the Gold Coast and in deed Australia wide can be challenging, but the potential for building a strong customer base is nearly limitless! Although many businesses struggle or close down within the first years of operation, SME Business Coaches can provide the right tools for excelling and maintaining small business success.

“Did you know that Roughly 60% of small businesses close their doors within the first three years of starting? If you are past the three-year mark, then well done – you need to celebrate

As a woman entrepreneur, chances are you already know how to balance many competing priorities without getting overwhelmed, especially if you’ve been helped by a direct coach for women helping in business. The ability to prioritize business needs is incredibly important in the first few years to avoid common mistakes, and our Small Business Coaching experts can help you focus on the important stuff and let go of the stress and worry.


Gain the Competitive Edge

To gain an edge on the competition, consider additional marketing and customer outreach efforts with the help of a Small Business Consult. The reality is that businesses thrive off of positive reviews from customers, including online and via word-of-mouth. Have you heard about the Know | Like | Trust of building a strong business? You need to get your name known and out there. This can be done by using platforms such as Google Reviews, LinkedIn recommendations, testimonials on your business page as well as being referred to new clients.

“What’s Holding you back?”

To increase positive customer interactions, there are many options for low-cost messaging and communication methods with customers. Social media can be a great start, and consider additional emails, text messages and website updates to keep your audience members engaged and connected. Have you used LinkedIn? If not, why not?

“What do you have to do differently to make this happen?”

Being adaptable is one of the keys to success – this is where a business coach can help facilitate your growth. Although developing a sound business plan is important, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t flex and adapt as time goes on. Managing a Start-Up means welcoming challenges as they come. Having a business coach can distance your small business from all your competition!

What would it be like to be with the excitement and the fear at the same time?”

Also, developing a support system of fellow women entrepreneurs can be a vital step in bolstering your overall small business help and support. Our Small Business Coaching services offer many chances to connect with like-minded women in business, many of whom understand the challenges and triumphs you’re experiencing — sometimes on a daily basis! Having connections with people in similar situations is an important step in developing a sustainable business approach. You can join our Women Succeeding in Business Gold Coast Face Book Group – there are over 1,200 like minded women in business itching to connect with you.

Is this the time to begin?”

Find a work-life balance after three years!

One of the greatest factors in succeeding as a small business owner is the ability to balance its demands with other priorities like family, dating and relationships, especially as a woman in business. Fostering these connections can actually help your small business succeed, since the happier and more satisfied you are with your personal life, the more motivated you’ll be in other aspects of your life, as well. One of the most important components of direct coaching for women is helping you find and keep a balance between work, family and your overall well-being!

“What would you do differently if this problem were solved?”

Finally, if you’re struggling with managing your small business, try allocating specific time for work, even if you work from home! Many research studies suggest that multitasking is a recipe for disaster, which might seem impossible if you’re raising a family or running multiple businesses. However, rather than trying to do multiple things at once, you can actually increase productivity by focusing mindfully on one task at-a-time. This can help avoid burn-out, as well as unnecessary mistakes in your work.

Get started, and keep it going!

To learn more about these and other strategies for resilience in the initial years of your small business, schedule an appointment with Paulette McCormack Coaching today!

I know that with hard work, determination and the support of an experienced business coach (that’s me!) you can achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of. Is it time for you to take action?

I know what it’s like to struggle. I’ve been a single mother who has worked at a minimum wage job to pay the bills. When I started my human resources consulting business in 2012, I had just $60 to my name. Now that same business has an annual turn-over of six figures. Having clawed my way up from nothing, I now work to empower other women to achieve the success they’ve always dreamed of. I bring a wealth of life experience and business and educational achievement to my coaching business, including being part of Sharon Jurd’s master coaching programme.

Being an entrepreneur and small business owner means constantly challenging yourself, especially as a woman, while searching for new avenues for success. Even though you may be struggling now, remember that owning a Start-Up Business on Gold Coast means contending with a thriving business community and competitive environment. Using the Confidence in Business approach, you can make this decision effectively while avoiding unnecessary stress and worry.

Small Business Coaching provides personalized consultation to ensure your awareness of all your available options, even when that means changing course completely after owning a small business. Before moving forward with scaling back your business at all, try a self-assessment by considering where you will be in the next six months or so. This can help determine the path you’re headed on, as well as whether potential gains are worth the risk of continuing on, for now. Typically, coaching for success can assist in developing new and exciting endeavors that may be just around the corner!

In the next six to twelve months, with the help of professional coaching for women, do you imagine being able to turn your business around? If the answer is that you don’t see a clear, direct path forward, an SME Business Coach can help guide you through a successful exit, after exhausting all your options for salvaging it. The same motivation and ingenuity that propelled you to opening your small business in the first place, can also propel you forward now! Small Business Consulting can assist you every step of the way.

Starting and growing your small business means actively finding new ways to improve your margins, understand your customers and provide them the products and services they need. Now that you’ve noticed your small business isn’t necessarily sustainable, it’s time you start thinking how to prepare for the next steps for you, your customers and most importantly, your children and families. Before you even make a decision to down-size your small business, first be sure you have exhausted all your available resources and options, especially small business help and support via business coaching for women! After all, small businesses fluctuate dramatically, and often take months or even years to fully actualize their potential. Before considering an immediate shuttering, consult with your trusted Gold Coast Business Coach regarding your business future!

Believe it or not, finding a proactive solution to your business problems, even one as dramatic as closing down completely, can actually benefit you and your family in the long-term! In fact, a temporary or permanent closure can free up your time and energy to achieve your long-term goals and aspirations. With one opportunity ending, this is a great time to learn from the successes and challenges you faced while running your start-up, lessons that can inform you both personally and professionally!

Chances are, Business Coaching has already helped you achieve many of your goals for your small business, which are experiences that last a lifetime. Closing doesn’t mean you failed, but another opportunity to face life’s challenges head-on! Even if you never saw this in your future start-up plans, you can make the best of it by processing the right strategy while utilizing direct coaching for women in business. Even though it will undoubtedly be a grueling decision to make, it can lead to freedom and empowerment with the correct approach!


Over my years in business and having gone through the journey myself – “$60 in the bank to a business with an annual turnover of six-figures” – I have personally learned a few things along the way. Perhaps here are my top tips.

  1. First one is to set your own expectations, don’t wait to get expectations from anybody don’t wait for any external expectations, you decide what you want to be in your own life, you have a purpose, you’re here for a reason and you can do it.
  2. The second thing is to have the right attitude and remember that businesses, good businesses and good leaders hire for attitude. You need to have the right attitude, the attitude to know that you will be able to make it that you have what it takes to overcome obstacles. You have to remember that there’s a hidden opportunity in every challenge so look for it and stay at it and go for it.
  3. The third thing, which is the most important for all females is to ask for it. Statistically females negotiate way less than men. Chances don’t come knocking on your door even if you deserve them. No matter in which business you are looking to work with you have to ask for it, you have to negotiate when there’s a new opportunity, you have to ask for it when there’s a new activity in school or at university, you have to ask for it. So, we women have to do much more of that. I always say if life doesn’t give you an offer, it doesn’t mean that you don’t negotiate.
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Inspire Yourself- With Your Own Business Bucket List for 2019

How many times have you thought of writing down the inspiring business ideas you had, but missed doing it? Maybe you were struggling to save them on your smartphone app or wanting to write down in your little diary, but it never happened.

We adore writing down the things to do list and then checking it off as we finish them. That’s a real high, isn’t it, when you complete those tasks! Getting things written has an unusually high probability that it will eventually be done.

Thanks to the little word called ‘accountable.’

So, let’s get some inspiration into our business with the business bucket list for this year. Want more inspiration. Well, you are starting your personalized business bucket list in the month of self-love, woman! What more could you want!!

Inspire More People (Clients!)

Think different.  So, every month you probably calculate how many clients you have and need to ramp up from there. This year, think about spreading the inspiration. Focus on giving the best shot with your existing clients and see how their love adds to your referral numbers!

Step it Up

Every businesswoman wants to grow her business. So, do you. Invest some “me” time with your business and set your annual business growth targets at the beginning of the year. Why not get a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) in place, that can be broken down into monthly numbers? Confidence in business needs to be gradual, not sudden. Taking small bites will help you step it up gradually.

Transform Your B

Well, to be honest, I have a ton of things on my to-do list. A sassy brand logo or the new design of your website, whatever you are planning to do, get it done now. Make sure to prioritize them. So, the vital things get taken care of to avoid hiccups later on. Get it written on your bucket list and move it. Transforming your business isn’t as challenging as you think if you follow these simple steps.

Take a Break

Being a businesswoman can be challenging. Multitasking all the time can be tiring. Plan a break in your schedule. Your business will thank you for it. Get your game on and unwind. Some “me” time and loads of self-love will help you get back into the grind more mindfully and productively.

Get Offline too

Online is the new norm. Online clients, workshops, seminars, Skype calls, zoom conferences may have you fully booked. Plan to give some love to in-person workshops as well. In person meetings can be the beginning of great business relationships, even in an Instagram crazy world!

Embrace New Ideas

Whether you are planning to do a podcast, get small business coaching or maybe hire a virtual assistant to ease the pressure off your shoulders, embrace them. New ideas are like wine, the older they get, the more you like them.

Go Natural

Huh! Why am I even suggesting going natural for business? Well, working from a home office has its own benefits, but sometimes fresh locales can be simply revitalising.

Consider having few meetings or collaborative sessions outside your place to get novel creative juices flowing. Heck, who knows the change of scenery may work wonders for your productivity!

Outsource More

Do you know Jill of all things? Well, that’s a spinner on the Jack of all thing’s cliché. Well, even though you may be good at many things, it’s not wise to do it all. Spending some downtime will help you visualize what you do best, outsource the rest. Whether you prefer getting small business help and support, additional hands can help you strategize more and be more efficient. I do recommend playing to your strengths.

Make Connects

Meeting real people can be inspiring. The energy and motivation that flows from an in-person seminar or conference can give a big leg up to your confidence. Networking can open up new pathways you never knew existed. Why not check out a business coaching seminar at gold coast and give a shot in the arm to your business?

Well, that’s my Inspiring Business Bucket List for this year, what’s there in yours?  Brew your favorite drink and make your list today. List your thoughts on paper, Trello or Wunderlist. What matters is getting things done.

I would love to hear your list and be your partner in making you accountable. Instagram your ideas and let’s make 2019 exciting!