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20 Quick Tips to Save Money at Home

Everybody wants to earn more money. What if I tell you that saving money is as good as earning more. If you practice even 5 of the money-saving tips listed here, it can help you save more than $500 a month. That’s equivalent to earning $6000 more per year. Let me share some quick and […]

How to stress less and elevate when feeling low

How to stress less and elevate when feeling low We all have experienced stress and its effects. What a person defines as stress differs for all of us. However, we all typically tend to fall under its influence when expectations that people have of us (including our own) rise above what we can handle. Besides […]


How to turn off and set boundaries for clients

As a small business owner, you dedicate yourself completely to every client and setting boundaries when trying to get some downtime is not a straightforward task. You find yourself torn between wanting to be there for your clients and your need to disconnect. However, is it necessary to choose between your needs and clients’? Is […]


You give your best, perform well and always hope it gets you noticed, but while good performance is paramount and critical to moving your career forward; unfortunately, it’s not always sufficient. Many of your mates are doing great work too. You have to act, own, be something far more than that to stand out amidst […]


How to pack light for life

Nowadays, we have gotten used to packing light to avoid the high-priced check-in luggage when traveling. However, in personal lives, we tend to bring us loads of emotional luggage anywhere we go, without realizing what fees we are paying for this. What price do we pay for carrying the weight of the “emotional check-in” luggage? […]


TIP ON MOTIVATION FOR SUCCESS Motivation, they say, is fickle. Yet, no one can deny the importance of motivation in meeting set goals, managing complex situations, navigating difficult times, going through the daily grind and generally grinding through life. That is why Zig Ziglar, a famous motivational speaker said “people often say that motivation doesn’t […]