Who am I?

Minimum wage to six-figure business: my story

I’m Paulette McCormack, and my success is a classic tale of rags to riches.

As a young woman, I had no qualifications. I was more interested in living life to the full and travelling the world – I had no time to study.

It was during a 17-year stint living in Britain that my life changed. I went through a devastating marriage break-up that left me a single mum.

But what I lacked in money and qualifications, I made up for in grit and persistence.

I gave up my social life in exchange for working hard – I was determined to succeed.

I remember a time when I was juggling my part-time job with studying for my Master’s degree, often studying late into the night with one of my babies on my hip.

In 2012, my children and I moved to Australia. I started my human resources consulting business, Fresh HR Insights, on the back of more than a decade of helping national and international businesses with their outsourced HR. In the beginning I was working at Starbucks for minimum wage, just to put food on the table. I had just $60 to my name.

Less than a decade later, Fresh HR Insights has an annual six-figure turnover. I’m also a lecturer at Griffith University, teaching in the Business School in HR/ER across all Griffith University Campuses.

Having clawed my way up from nothing, I now want to empower other women to achieve the success they’ve always dreamed of – and so my coaching practice was born.

Originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, I live on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia with my partner and daughters.