Life can be challenging at times.

20 Simple Steps to Manage Life’s Challenges

Life can be challenging at times. You may be dealing with studies, kids, work and health issues, all at the same time. Throw in time for community fundraisers, financial issues or moving plans and it can become difficult to handle.  Here’s a simple and useful guide to have a positive perspective and handle life.

Practice Stress Busting Mini-Habits

  • Start a journal – write down the things you are grateful for in your life. Focus on the good and positive. Doing this will give you the strength to go on.
  • If you have too many things going on at one time, start a list. Doing this puts things in perspective, and helps you to implement them effectively. Enlist help from your friends and family. Doing it all alone is stressful and just not possible.
  • Plan your day with everything you want to do. Keep an hour for studies, one hour for work and spend some time with the kids once they are back from school.
  • If you have a community fundraiser to plan for, schedule it in your day. Break the work into bite-size steps that you can do in half an hour chunks of time. Completing work in small chunks gives you the confidence to complete all of it.
  • Make precise plans to tackle each area you just listed. Write the things to do with timelines on this list. Set up reminders for yourself and do your best.
  • Create work-life boundaries – keeping a distance from your phone, tablet or laptop can be a huge stress reducer. Keep a certain time in the day when you are away from these screens and not online.
  • Quit the quest for perfection. When you aim for perfection, things just stay stuck. Its important to move ahead and take it one day at a time. If you are happy with your effort, that will give you peace of mind and help you be stress-free.
  • Make a daily schedule -the night before. Doing this will help you stay ahead of the day. When you plan, keep an hour or two off to fit in any unexpected situation or things to do.
  • Stop comparing yourself with others. Limit the time spent on social media. Most often, people post the best part of their lives making It seem that they are perfect. That’s not true.
  • Don’t overthink about what others suggest. Listen to everyone then do what feels right to you. Trying to get everyone’s approval is never going to happen.
  • Consider a failure or rejection as feedback in life. Life does not stop when you face failure. Think of all the times you fell while trying to learn cycling. You still got up and rode again, didn’t you? Learn to stay positive and confident with the same mindset.

Everyday Self Care

  • Practice self-care. Keep some time for yourself every day as a routine. So, you can choose to go for a walk, jog or practice meditation or yoga. These simple daily activities can give the much needed me time, relieve your stress and allow you to focus.
  • Eat plant-based foods. It will help keep your gut clean and give you natural energy to get things done.
  • Cut the sugar out of your life. Difficult to do, but pays off when you see the sugar cravings go away. Most people try to eat more to handle all the stress. Don’t punish the body with processed foods. Once in a while is okay.
  • Choose healthier alternatives. Try having green tea or herbal tea in place of your second coffee cup of the day.


  • Speak to friends and family often. Speaking with others helps in releasing the emotional burdens and enables you to gain newer perspectives. You learn to see and understand that everyone in life is facing challenges and not only you.
  • Plan date nights or get-together. In this digital age, meeting face to face is undervalued. Take out time and meet your friends, family and enjoy it
  • Stop trying to control everything in life. Use the extra hour in your schedule to deal with any unplanned circumstances. Being prepared helps you remain positive and tension free.
  • Express yourself through a hobby. Choose art, painting, sculpting, drawing or any other form that excites you.
  • Do things jointly with friends or family. If you have a house party coming up, distribute the responsibilities amongst family members and friends. Everyone is happy to participate and contribute and the responsibilities get well-distributed too.

The Last Word

Balancing work, life and everything else can be intimidating. Just resolve to be positive and confident whatever the situation may be, and you will surely be prepared for the oddballs that life throws at you.



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