How To Balance Life And Passion In Your Relationship

The idea of balance and harmony between two somewhat opposing concepts has long been an aspiration of mankind. Perhaps, this is borne out of the fact that clashes sometimes happen between two equally important parts of our lives, sometimes our relationships with our partner and our life outside it. Most times, it is our career path and our relationship with our significant other that clashes, and the choice of which one deserves our attention the most is often one of the hardest decisions. How then do we maintain passion, enthusiasm and a loving atmosphere in our relationship? Find out more how to balance life and inspire passion at the same time below.

Make the Commitment

One of the best things you can do for yourself is commit to another person, to have to experience life with. Marriage teaches you as much as growing a business or career does. Be committed to both, and the lessons will intermingle and support one another. Plus, you’ll need the stability of another person. It’s good for the soul.

 Balance is Impossible

 Yes, you heard it right. balance is impossible, but work-life integration is crucial. There will be days you have to work more and others when you can take the day off to do something special with your significant other. If you have to travel for work, take him or her with you, stay a few extra days and make a mini vacation out of it. If they have to travel, go with them and do the same.


At the end of the day, though we all strive to leave a legacy through our work, it’s no secret that having someone to share your life with is an equally important goal. So, just as you prioritize time in your day for important work-related goals, you have to do the same to create or maintain goals as they pertain to your love life. Create goals you want to attain in both spheres and stick to it.

Be Present

You may not necessary be available your loved one all the time, however, make a point of being present when you are present. Leave your work at work, and don’t check your email or make one last call. Keep the phones out of bed, the bedroom is for intimacy. Make you’re your together time just for loved ones paying attention to each other. You can even keep electronic devices away from your bedroom if it will help.

It’s hard to shut off work, and it can’t always be done, but your relationships deserve your devoted attention just as much as your work does.

Prioritize Passion in Your Relationship.

A common issue in relationships is that we want one person to be everything to us. That means that your partner is your best friend, business partner, co-parent, lover, housecleaner, and handyman. Unfortunately, the more roles we put a person in, the more diluted the relationship becomes. If one of the main priorities of your relationship is to grow in passionate love, then you have to prioritize that experience above the others. One person cannot be everything, that is why there are other people like friends, parents, children etc. A charge can be reintroduced in your relationship if you start treating your partner like your lover, rather than your roommate.

Spice It Up

Passion inevitably dies down when the mundane takes over, and new experiences fade into the distance. Passion comes from having new experiences and slacking around in the house just because you have both vowed to live the rest of your life together is the best recipe for falling into a rut. Give your partner surprise gifts, have couples’ dinners, communicate frequently, share your fantasies, try out new experiences etc.

You can also literally spice things up with essential oils, especially the aptly named doTerra Passion Inspiring Blend. Its spice and herb mix will jolt you out of complacency and make you go on an adventure of your lifetime with your partner!

Pursue Your Own Passions

If you feel there’s an imbalance in your relationship, it is often because of time constraints. Perhaps you have a lot of time on your hands and your partner doesn’t. Or maybe you’re knee-deep in a phase of your career or a new business venture and have no time to devote to your spouse.

Either way, this is where hobbies come in. Instead of looking for a romantic partner to fill the void, try pursuing something you genuinely enjoy — and encourage your partner to do the same. See time apart as an opportunity for self-growth.

Demands and restraints have very little to do with love, so whatever you do, don’t hold each other on a short leash. Relationships prosper from opportunity, and the more you are willing to let your partner explore, the closer the two of you will become.


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