With February barely over, are you having any post-valentine blues?

If you are, then I am going to share some straightforward and actionable tips to get you in the mood for self-love.

As a female solopreneur, you sure have a lot to deal with on the business front. Keeping your personal and business lives separate will greatly help in letting you enjoy the best of both worlds! I am going to share some fabulous ideas that will make you fall in love with yourself and your business, all over again!

Let’s get ready to keep a marked line between your personal and professional life, so you can enjoy both but not at the cost of the other.

  • Switch Roles When You Want

In business, you are the boss lady. Stay professional whenever you are handling major business issues. Stay focused and don’t slip into a personal conversation or situation. At home, be the role you are playing, mother, partner, daughter to the fullest. Avoid taking on any business-related work or activity. Effortlessly slip into the state of mind as per the place.

  • Disengage from Technology

Your phone is an integral part of your life. But it is equally important to do some activities which don’t involve its use or presence. When you are at work, you can put your phone on silent to avoid personal calls. Similarly, at home, prefer to disconnect from official work to give full time to yourself, the things and people you love. Read that book you wanted to or go for a swim.

  • Be Accepting of Work

If you are feeling down, remember that your business is literally your baby. Will you just push your labor of love away? Absolutely not. Spend some time off and come back recharged to take on work. You can even choose to take it slow and then fully catch on. Do note that avoiding work will not make anything better.

  • Communicate openly.

Sometimes, you just feel like avoiding all contact with the world. You may feel at your lowest point in life. I remember something that I read somewhere- ‘If you are down, there is only one place you can go, and that is UP!’ Simply put, times will change and to do that, you have to be back at your usual self. Get out and speak to your team members and clients. Being transparent in communication will take you a long way.

  • Boost it UP

Working everyday can make anyone feel dull and listless. To keep your self-love and energy levels up, pick your favorite activity or hobby. It could be anything that you are driven to do or you simply love doing. Just choose the one that gets your heart rate up to boost your energy levels and reduce your stress.

  • Me Time

Recharge yourself. You need to make time for yourself on a daily basis. Spend time reading, exercising, meeting a friend, going for a walk, a date night or spend time with family, whatever suits you.  Being with your loved ones and yourself will help you spread love and positivity all around. And the best part will be how you will make that me-time possible by completing your business tasks as per schedule.

  • App Your Way

Today you have an app for everything. Pick one app to help you meditate. Apart from calming your mind, you can even schedule meditation sessions at any time of the day you want. Choose your favorite one; your mind and body will thank you for it.

  • Embrace Newness

There may be a ton of ideas you want to get on with, starting from getting that new office design, speaking to your existing client for referrals or getting into a small business coaching course, embrace them. Starting newer activities and sticking through them can help you learn new things and allow you to rediscover yourself.

  • Avoid Multitasking

Well, today everyone is a multitasker, then why am I advising you otherwise? Though multitasking can be very effective at times, sometimes it is better to be focused. If you are wanting to keep your business and personal life separate, concentrating on one thing at a time will help. Texting your friend during a business meeting or answering business emails while having dinner is something you should completely avoid.

Well, I hope that these ideas empower you and allow you time for some self-love. Apart from banishing blues, they will help you separate personal and business time. Enjoy your life while building and growing your business.  

I would love to hear your ideas on your self-love journey.


Let 2019 be the best year ever! Cheers!!


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