Inspire Yourself- With Your Own Business Bucket List for 2019

How many times have you thought of writing down the inspiring business ideas you had, but missed doing it? Maybe you were struggling to save them on your smartphone app or wanting to write down in your little diary, but it never happened.

We adore writing down the things to do list and then checking it off as we finish them. That’s a real high, isn’t it, when you complete those tasks! Getting things written has an unusually high probability that it will eventually be done.

Thanks to the little word called ‘accountable.’

So, let’s get some inspiration into our business with the business bucket list for this year. Want more inspiration. Well, you are starting your personalized business bucket list in the month of self-love, woman! What more could you want!!

Inspire More People (Clients!)

Think different.  So, every month you probably calculate how many clients you have and need to ramp up from there. This year, think about spreading the inspiration. Focus on giving the best shot with your existing clients and see how their love adds to your referral numbers!

Step it Up

Every businesswoman wants to grow her business. So, do you. Invest some “me” time with your business and set your annual business growth targets at the beginning of the year. Why not get a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) in place, that can be broken down into monthly numbers? Confidence in business needs to be gradual, not sudden. Taking small bites will help you step it up gradually.

Transform Your B

Well, to be honest, I have a ton of things on my to-do list. A sassy brand logo or the new design of your website, whatever you are planning to do, get it done now. Make sure to prioritize them. So, the vital things get taken care of to avoid hiccups later on. Get it written on your bucket list and move it. Transforming your business isn’t as challenging as you think if you follow these simple steps.

Take a Break

Being a businesswoman can be challenging. Multitasking all the time can be tiring. Plan a break in your schedule. Your business will thank you for it. Get your game on and unwind. Some “me” time and loads of self-love will help you get back into the grind more mindfully and productively.

Get Offline too

Online is the new norm. Online clients, workshops, seminars, Skype calls, zoom conferences may have you fully booked. Plan to give some love to in-person workshops as well. In person meetings can be the beginning of great business relationships, even in an Instagram crazy world!

Embrace New Ideas

Whether you are planning to do a podcast, get small business coaching or maybe hire a virtual assistant to ease the pressure off your shoulders, embrace them. New ideas are like wine, the older they get, the more you like them.

Go Natural

Huh! Why am I even suggesting going natural for business? Well, working from a home office has its own benefits, but sometimes fresh locales can be simply revitalising.

Consider having few meetings or collaborative sessions outside your place to get novel creative juices flowing. Heck, who knows the change of scenery may work wonders for your productivity!

Outsource More

Do you know Jill of all things? Well, that’s a spinner on the Jack of all thing’s cliché. Well, even though you may be good at many things, it’s not wise to do it all. Spending some downtime will help you visualize what you do best, outsource the rest. Whether you prefer getting small business help and support, additional hands can help you strategize more and be more efficient. I do recommend playing to your strengths.

Make Connects

Meeting real people can be inspiring. The energy and motivation that flows from an in-person seminar or conference can give a big leg up to your confidence. Networking can open up new pathways you never knew existed. Why not check out a business coaching seminar at gold coast and give a shot in the arm to your business?

Well, that’s my Inspiring Business Bucket List for this year, what’s there in yours?  Brew your favorite drink and make your list today. List your thoughts on paper, Trello or Wunderlist. What matters is getting things done.

I would love to hear your list and be your partner in making you accountable. Instagram your ideas and let’s make 2019 exciting!